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“Can’t I just go wireless?” is a question that we get asked on a consistent basis. If your goal is an automated home that’s dependable and secure, it’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of a wired versus wireless solution. While strides are being made with wireless products, wired solutions still provide superior dependability and reliability. Also, a comprehensive and properly installed wired infrastructure can provide flexibility and enhanced scalability when compared to a wireless solution. Depending on your technology needs and house configuration, it may actually be less expensive, more dependable and more secure to pull cable and have physical connections than to integrate higher-end wireless products. If your home technology needs coincide with a new construction or remodeling project, then it’s highly recommended that the merits of a wired infrastructure be considered. At Press Play, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through wired/wireless technology and cost trade-offs. One of our core competencies is to consult with all customers and design comprehensive and budget-friendly solutions.


With the professional design and implementation of a robust wiring infrastructure, the foundation’s available for integrating your wired and wireless network. With over 22 billion devices connected to the Internet, today’s smart homes demand a network that is robust, fast, scalable and secure. A robust network is therefore considered the “digital foundation” of your home with potential to control every available sub-system (e.g. audio/video, climate, lighting, blinds, security, etc). A properly configured network will therefore maximize your control of home even when you’re not home! At Press Play, we specialize in network hardware that will meet/exceed your home demands. We are knowledgeable and experienced with state-of-the-art suppliers of residential network hardware (e.g. Access Networks and Luxul). Our networks are unique to each project as we account for your Internet Service Provider (ISP), square footage of your home, number of users on the network, and the multitude of devices that could utilize your network.


In a world of Alexa, Nest, Ring and Sonos the possibilities are endless for navigating your home sub-system(s). However, the operation of desperate, independent sub-systems diminishes your intuitive and user-friendly experience. Is the experience a great one if you have to go from app to app to app? Our answer is most certainly not! Universal platforms (such as Savant) provide for a centralized control of subsystems inside your home from temperature, lighting, shades, door locks, and televisions to fireplace(s) and garage doors! A truly integrated home utilizes a universal platform to eliminate the questions and confusion associated with multiple devices/apps being tied to unique functionality. A universal platform is therefore the ultimate experience regarding home automation and provides the best return on your infrastructure and networking investment. Universal platforms are available in a vast product range that caters to homes and users on any budget. We’re knowledgeable and experienced to provide meaningful consultation and implementation of your universal platform needs.